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Duke's 002 is proud to showcase the talent of our friends over at DR.ME design studio.

Words from the artists themselves :

‘STRIP’ came about after a conversation around what defines our studio and over the last 8 years years we have became synomous with creating collages using a technique in which we literally strip and combine images to make a new. This was the starting point for the series of work that makes up this publication but we also wanted to explore mixed media collage techniques limiting ourselves to using imagery taken from vintage glamour magazines, vintage porn magazines, LGBT magazines and comic books all a gentle nod to this idea of STRIP. Also influenced by the french technique Detournment in which images are a variation of the previous work, in which the newly created work has a meaning that is antithetical to the original. Throughout the publication we have purposely censored any nudity, most if not all the images are sexual in content but everything has been censored in a variation of techniques over an array of body types, gender and sexual preference to question societies attitude to sex and nudity, why is a male nipple ok on instagram and yet a female nipple is not? Art history proves it that the naked human form has always been a point of interest for artists but somewhere along the line we all became body shy so in essence STRIP is a tribute to the human form.

DR.ME is an independent design studio. Established 2010 in Manchester, UK.
The studio works worldwide on projects ranging from visual identities, record sleeve art, poster design, video, editorial as well as teaching, exhibitions, workshops and talks.